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Botanical Straightening Balm (and it's a cult fav!!)

Unruly, Frizzy, Rebellious Hair?

Our beloved Phytodefrisant

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways

Phytodefrisant is a 99% natural smoothing balm. This heat activated botanical straightening balm, preps the hair for an effortlessly smooth and sleek blowout. It contains Mallow, ferula, sage, horseradish and chamomile matricaria extracts. Alchemy can't live without this, especially now that the summer swampy humidity is right around the corner.

....and guess what? The more often you use it the better. This formula is cumulative for a more smoothing effect., but never weighing down your hair.

Defrisant's partners in crime: Phyto 7 or Phyto 9 for added softness and shine, partnered Phyto's Roller Brush- 100% boar bristle brush or for really . Made in France but loved @ Alchemy!